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What's the best way to fund your start-up?

Having a great business idea requires you to focus on funding as the key point. A great idea is welcoming, but how to raise money to initiate the start-up is more important.

Having a tech-based idea is an opportunity that can gain attention easily from companies or small organizations. Finding an investor to fund your start-up is never easy. Here are a few ways to get your start-up working:

Family and Friends

A classic way of funding your start-up business is by borrowing money from family and friends. It is harder to persuade banks or investors about your idea and its positivity. However, with friends and family it is easier and they will support your dream.

Your family and friends may be willing to fund. If not for the funds, you may seek legal advice about taking loan money. Be careful as borrowing money from close-knit circle should not make the bond bitter.

Small business loans

Banks offer small business loans. Yet, they are historically careful about giving money and it is difficult to qualify. There are alternative lending companies that are better equipped to get business of the ground. You may try your luck.

Keeping the Day-job going

Funding your start-up is not easy. But, keeping the current day-job going helps in living a comfortable lifestyle and meeting your daily expenses. So do not get into a fit of hurry to follow your dreams or quitting your job. Spend time to get off the ground and stick to the 9-5 day-job as it helps paying your bills.

Stay true to your vision and do not succumb to any financial pressure. You will feel like you are missing some great opportunities as you are doing with the day-job. But it is necessary to devote enough time and to really engage with the project to get a kick-start with your start-up.

Negotiate from a strategic customer or partner

Identify a major customer or look for complimentary business to see value in your start-up projects. They should agree to pay advance to complete your development. The variations include white-labeling agreements or early licensing.

Request a small-business grant

The government funds support new technologies, especially for the areas promoting social, medicine, and education needs. Look for a good place as there are federal grants supporting many start-up programs. The process may be time-consuming, but it will not harm you and will assure your growth.

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