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Legit methods to teaching yourself a new skill

Becoming an entrepreneur is the dream of most people and being a successful entrepreneur requires one to have efficient skills. You may check and note that all great entrepreneurial heroes possess more skills than one can imagine. They did business and understood the value of learning skills that was effective in complimenting businesses.

Be a Chameleon

Learning new skills is a challenge. You can watch a video and try learning. Copy your ideal and try to imitate. Visual learning is the best and it helps speed up the process of learning. There are now thousands of videos in everything on YouTube and you can get your doubts cleared, while you teach yourself a new skill.


Follow a course sincerely. It is very easy to get into distractions and to walk out. Avoid temptations if you wish to teach yourself some new skills. Find out ways to learn faster. Avoid multitasking as it may be unproductive and detrimental. Instead focus on learning one new skill until success.

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is important as they are the experts for a particular field. These mentors will surely give clues while trying to get guideline on learning the new skill. They will also keep you from making repeated mistakes. A huge victory is assured if you have a good mentor. They will walk you personally through the new skill and ensure your efficiency.

Learn by Doing

Reading and collecting information is the right step, but learning by doing or trying the new skills is more important. The best way of learning is by practicing it. You may be prepared and ready, but on getting physically engaged, you will know if you have acquired the new skills properly or not. Keep practicing and research alternatively.

Ditch Distractions

Ascertain the environment is appropriate for your learning progress. It means you must not get into any sort of distractions. Precisely, ditch social media, and avoid getting into the temptation to check your emails. Keep everything out of sight and mind, concentrate and dedicate your time to learning a new skill.


With every win, you will notice, you learnt something. It is a process of learning. Celebrate that moment. Your brains will release serotonin and endorphins and so pump your fits and raise your hands jumping in victory. Treat yourself a chocolate piece and pat on the back. It will work as the right motivation to push you forward to learn new skills.

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