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How to make money on your phone

The internet is not for fun always. The smartphone use is increasing and now you can make money on your phone. Earn through legitimate activities on mobile apps. It can slowly become your full-time income. Ensure its authenticity before giving out your personal details.

1. Take surveys

Taking surveys is not rewarding. However, it is easy as there are many survey websites featuring mobile apps such as Survey Junkie, i-Say, and so on.

These sites vary and answering survey questions get you points to redeem. You may be paid in cash or PayPal or with gift cards. These sites require accumulating of points. Read their app, and start participating in taking surveys. Do not share your bank account number, Social Security number or driver’s license number.

2. Sell your stuff

Get rid of items that you do not want, but are in good shape. Find an app and try to sell them. Look for general apps that do not charge a service fee to the sellers.

You can very well sell at eBay and Amazon online and it will reach a wider audience. If you wish to sell your crafts, art or some vintage wares, you will surely earn money on Etsy. If you wish to sell clothes on an app, go through the apps, their reviews, their fee structure and requirements. Understand the items online that is on sale so that you do not end up overvaluing or underselling your items.

3. Take a customer service role

The roles of customer service are now done easily through cell phones. It is one of the most effective ways of earning money and you can opt to work part-time. Answering phone calls gives you time to solve customer issues. You can earn per hour from home. There are companies hiring for customer service roles. Keep looking out for such opportunities and make money on your phone.

4. Download investment apps

Downloading investment apps are the best passive income streams. It is available on the iPhone iOS app sotre and Google Play stores. Create within a few minutes an investment account. You may try to invest in ETFs and stocks or auto-managed funds that you like. Invest your capital carefully and do not stretch more than you can afford.

5. Watching videos

Watch videos and earn money on your phone. There are free apps such as ClipClaps, Swagbucks, and FusionCash, who are ready to pay for watching videos. Earn bonus points and rewards.

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