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How Motivation and Productivity are Inter-Related

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Motivation and productivity are connected to each other. Motivation guides your actions and decision-making capabilities to increase your productivity, and helps you to direct towards your goal. In simple terms motivation is like a road map, while productivity is the vehicle. These two are essential to in order to reach your destination.

To stay alert and productive, you should be ready to do what is necessary to achieve your goals. Have perseverance and make a schedule and don’t blame the obstacles which diverts your motivation. It takes lot of courage and discipline to keep your productivity high even in times when motivation is low.

Here are few things to keep you motivated and increase your productivity.

Aim Your Target and Start Small

When you plan a target which you want to achieve, try with something that is small/ requires less time. As this smaller goal when achieved in short period of time lend themselves well to motivation. Make sure that these smaller goals are measurable and specific to set amazing millstones ahead. Plan ahead and navigate work with a desire of feeling accomplished and self-worth, this will help you stay productive even when the motivation is low.

Take A Break and Refrain Your Thoughts

To feel motivated, you need not put lot of burden at once. Its important to have a positive attitude as its tremendously helpful to keep your motivation up and your spirits high. Take a break while working which is sufficient to keep you refreshed, as once you get back your enthusiasm, you are good to go. If it helps you can go for a quick jog or a walk, read some self-improvement books.

Work with Team

Another way to keep you motivated is by accompanying with your friends or colleagues. They will encourage you when you feeling to give up. They keep you charged with their positive energy, but it depends with whom you are accompanying. You can choose consequences and rewards that will help you stay productive when working with an accountability partner. Having a good partner forces you to acknowledge your mistakes, takes personal responsibility and helps you to complete your to-do list.

Be Productive with The Work Routine and Eliminate Distractions

It is very hard to break work habit, if you have already built it. To change your work routine, you have to plan ahead and be consistent on them, as this will stick easily to your subconscious. Be consistent in following the work routine to keep you motivated. We easily blame distractions for lacking behind rather than working on our procrastinating behaviours. Schedule your tasks and make it possible by writing down motivational quotes to keep you motivated, and be less vulnerable to distractions.

Time Management and Switch Up Workspaces

With all productivity and motivation, you tend to forget how to manage time. Time management is like life management. If you can manage time, irrespective of motivation you will tend to work and plan better all the time. Sometimes working up at same place or corner will make you dull and lack productivity, to spruce-up things you can switch your workspace. If you’re working from home office, change your location or add things nearby which will uplift your mood to be happy. Face new challenges because other side of fear is confidence.

Motivation is hard to gain for everyone, don’t be so hard on yourself. Productivity can still be achieved without motivation only with excellent surviving strategy.

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